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Growing A Gutter Business A Live Case Study Month Three

Trust the Process? I enjoy the process, maybe that’s why I have so much fun coaching. Recently, I purchased a stake in a Gutter Company and I’m now tasked with scaling this business. As part of the coaching process, we’re going to turn this project into a Live Case Study. My team and I are going to document the ups and downs with 100% transparency as we grow and scale. Follow along as we crowd source this business into a 7-Figure monster.

Week 4 – 12:

In all honesty, because that’s the point of doing a “live” case study, business over the last two months has been steady but not great. This is partly due to a combination of things outside of my control such as weather and holidays. As far as my writing about it goes, I’ve been pretty lazy and preoccupied with other things holidays, other businesses, and the new agency I’m launching NL Business Consulting. While I wasn’t as hands on as I could have been or probably should have been, my team still made progress.


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Here’s What They Did



  • Implement Live Chat
  • Implement “AMARA Lead Gen Site Template”
  • Buildout Local Landing Pages
  • Have Landing Page Content Written
  • Implement Google Reviews
  • Call To Action!
  • Have a YouTube Video Made

On Page SEO

  • GeoTag Images
  • Header Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Implement SSL
  • Implement Google Analytics
  • Configure Google Webmaster’s Tools
  • Implement Rank Tracking
  • Implement Schema

Google Business

  • Upload GeoTagged Images
  • Setup Messaging
  • Correct Business Hours
  • Update Website
  • Update Phone Number


  • Build Out Campaign
  • Build Out Landing Page
  • Set Budget
  • Generate Leads

Offline Marketing

  • Lean on Current Relationships
  • Implement “Thank You” and Referral Processes
  • Have yard signs made


All of these strategies can be implemented for FREE and on your own, however I have a full team behind this project.


The Results:

We’ve more than tripled organic traffic from when we started a little over three months ago. The AdWords campaign is performing well and we’re turning qualified traffic into leads. While sales aren’t quite where I want them to be, I’m optimistic as we head into Spring and tax refunds start rolling in.

Total Sales 2018: $35,861

What’s Next:

Now that we’re generating traffic and leads the goal is to lower the cost, over the next 30 days we’ll implement a retargeting campaign via Facebook video ads, we’ll begin building and leveraging an email list, we’ll implement review management software, and we’ll start sending referral cards.