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How To Choose A Domain Name

80% of business owners fail within the first 18 months of business. My name is Alex Laldin and I’m here to change that. Welcome to Small Business Bootcamp over the next 30 Days I’m going to provide you with actionable steps and processes to grow your business organically and effectively.

I get calls and messages from people just starting their businesses all the time asking, “What next?” We’re beyond the days of putting an ad in the Yellow Pages and having a decent service. Business owners today understand that they need a web presence, and the ones that don’t won’t be around much longer.  So, you’ve figured out your product and service and you’ve decided to venture out on your own. Congratulations, let’s get to work dominating your market.

How to select your domain name:

Selecting your domain name is as important as selecting your business name, so let’s get it right the first time. Domain names fall into two categories Branded Domains and Keyword Domains and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

The Branded Domain:

The domain matches your brand name, for example AlexLaldin.com, Google, Amazon, E-Bay, etc. If you’re going to be doing your own SEO or if you’re new to SEO I typically recommend a branded domain and here’s why:

Branded domains are much more forgiving because they’re usually much harder to over optimize when you start performing on page SEO and setting up the site architecture. Over optimization results in a website that doesn’t rank, which results in closed doors within 18 months.

Other Benefits of Branded Domains: 

You allow yourself to pivot with your offerings. Let’s use AlexLaldin.com as an example, when I first started my business I only specialized in digital marketing with a heavy focus on Search Engine Optimization. Now? I offer a full range of consulting services, I buy and sell businesses, I present, and so on and so forth; and if I decided I wanted to become an artist tomorrow? AlexLaldin.com still works.

Another Example:

Let’s say you’re a plumber and you purchase HotWaterHeaterRepair+YourCity.com, hot water heater repair is only one of the many services you could be offering. With a branded domain like LaldinHomeServices.com I can market for plumbing services, bathroom renovations, etc. with much more ease.

The Takeaway: Don’t pigeonhole yourself on Day 1, allow your business and website the ability to adapt to the market.

The Partial Match Domain:

This domain simply combines a Keyword with another word or phrase. If I were starting a house cleaning service today, this is probably what I would use.

For Example:




You don’t need all the target keywords included in the domain for it to be considered a partial match.

These domains are also a good choice if you’re going to be doing your own SEO and site building as they’re quite a bit harder to over optimize than an Exact Match Domain.

The Exact Match Domain: 

Continuing with the house cleaning theme, this domain would simply be HouseCleaning.com .net .org or whatever is available. The reality is these domains are often taken, command outrageous prices, and are extremely easy to over optimize. If you have the resources to buy an EMD, you should be paying a pro to do your SEO anyway.

Purchasing The Domain:

Now that we’ve got an idea of what we want, let’s head on over to Name.com and check the availability. Once we’ve selected a domain, I recommend registering the .com, .net, and .biz. just for protection,it’d be a shame if a competitor decided to out rank you for your own name.